Respiratory Protection

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Evaluating the gas filter service life at the workstation

The SatMETÆR is the first device able to measure the saturation of activated carbon in the gas filters of respiratory protective masks in a non-destructive way. This non-destructive measurement does not alter the capacity of the filter, meaning they can be tested before, during and after use.

In 3 minutes, you can find out whether a gas filter is good for use and see its saturation level.

The SatMETÆR is the only tool that can determine the rules for changing gas filters in the work environment and check they remain relevant over time. It optimizes the use of the filters while respecting the limits provided by the manufacturers.

With the SatMETÆR, prevention officers faced with a chemical hazard can now :

o Understand the actual use of gas filters in their working environment

o Validate the processes on the operator's workstation

o Ensure their teams follow the safety rules

Make sure that your respiratory protective equipment is fully operational and bring confidence to your employees

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