Are you prepared for chemical alerts?

Less than 3 minutes to check the gas canisters of your respiratory protective equipment

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Our innovative technology for the non-destructive measurement of
the saturation level of ABEK gas canisters, the result of a collaboration with the French Ministry of Armed Forces, can be used to...

Check in less than 3 minutes
the capacity and integrity of the gas canisters all along their lifecycle, from factory to destruction (production, storage, transport with shocks, mission preparation, reconditioning, etc.). This saturation measurement does not degrade the capacity of the canisters.

Effectively protect your team
against the CBRN threats they may face during their missions

Plan your safety and storage rules
Drawing upon genuine scientific expertise and check over time their efficiency whenever you need using SafeÆR technology.

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Go on mission with 100% operational gas canisters

They trust us...

" This is the Holy Grail of CBRN gas canisters."
Lieutenant-Colonel, French Army
" Gas filter control is a critical element
offering operational superiority
for long-term operations."
NATO Support and Procurement Agency

Test your gas canisters and filters in 3 minutes

Make sure your gas canisters stock are ready to use
in your theater of operations

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